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Free Game/Prototype: The Cellular Level

Our very first project. This was never actually released as a proper game and is still essentially just an early prototype. But it is playable at least and served as a useful learning experience (plus the soundtrack is a bit good).

The Cellular Level is a casually paced eat-em-up (in a similar vein as Feeding Frenzy or Flow).  

  • Use your finger (or mouse) to guide your cell through a microscopic world.

  • Eat amoebas and food particles to increase your biomass and spend this organic matter on evolutions (upgrades) to improve your cell’s abilities.

  • Avoid eating inorganic matter and steer clear of other hostile cells that threaten to steal your biomass.  

  • The objective of the game is to get as big as possible as fast as possible.

  • Difficulty increases with your size, but does not decrease when you shrink. 

Download for free on

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